We would like to give a big thanks to everyone who supported, promoted, and assisted us as we found our footing in the world of online literary publishing these past few months. It meant a great deal to us. Our first issue is small, but we are all immensely proud of how it turned out. We would, of course, also like to express our gratitude towards the amazing writers and artists who contributed their work to us for this issue.  

The contributors that are featured in this issue are as follows: 

Fabrice Poussin, John Grey, Marilee Pritchard, Juanita Rey, Anil Kumar Panda, Elisha Alladina, Gale Acuff, Joe Russo, Kenneth Pobo, Pawel Makiewicz, Robert Beveridge, Richard C. Lin, Steve Carr, DC Diamondopolous, and Daniel Cordero.

Now, without further ado, we present our very first issue, titled Nascent. We hope you enjoy!


The Torch the Veil Editorial Team.