• Anil Kumar Panda

Alone in Old Age

The stained memorabilia hanging

On the dilapidated walls of the

House, deserted long back, at the

Outskirt of a weeping town seeks

Salvation from a depleting memory;

Of an owner surviving on begging.

Kids are reported to be in lands

Where the smell of soil does not

Mix with their genes, and their

Eyes seldom see the pristine sky,

Under which they had frolicked

Till his bent body touched the soil.

He is the postlude of a musical

Night and a striated shadow of the

Hostile moon slowly and silently

Measuring the path to his grave.

Anil Kumar Panda was born in a small town, Brajrajnagar, in the state of Odisha, India. At present he is working in the coal mine sector as a mine surveyor. He loves reading and writing. He has already published two books of poems, Fragrance of Love and Melody of Love. He is working on his third book now. His poems have been published in many national and International Anthologies. He loves to write poems on nature and love. His other hobbies are meeting people, travelling, and spending time in nature.