• Fabrice Poussin

Pondering the Joy

Hovering in rags in the midst of orderly lights

flickering with the breeze

hesitating at the rhythm of seasonal joys

she may be dancing in the icy embrace

of her home somewhere behind the old shack.

It was no so long ago a bundle of glee

she came to this town in her first apparel

pure beneath the film of her creation

as her brothers and sisters she too sat

in the bleachers of a future to memorize.

Wide eyed in the summer dress too short

she made the joy of the boys in awe

that a girl might be so confident in her smiles

walking the halls without a touch

teacher’s pet encyclopedia of puerile wisdom.

Loner she chose the darkest paths

unwilling to be a clone unsure of the odds

she ventured with the bravery of ancestors

so wealthy in her heart so poor in her purse

staring up to the wondrous skies at night.

She carries no roof over that disheveled crown

no winter coat for the frigid hours

staring at the colored lights she ponders

quiet at midnight will she catch a glimpse

of the yearly comet laden with promises.

It seems ages have passed since she last laughed

near a hearth warmed by the fires of kin

tomorrow will seem like the day before

as she will continue on her walk in that summer dress

slashed by the destinies of those who still rejoice.

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.