• Elisha Alladina

The Invisible Tape Deck

We blared the tunes and belted

We brought unity.

And we are


Capable of

Crossing Systemic


Disguised as Barriers.

Our family. They all came here and broke the glass ceiling

But who am I to convince you

We don't shatter and bleed


I ran down to the basement rec room one day

The storage closet had long buried

Our voices; old masks and old school records

I found us pieces of our identities. A purple sari. Feet bells for kathak dance. , A typewriter. And musically speaking

My old piano and

"The Village People." Record

And I said

You all had YMCA

But We had Zoheb Hassan.

The "Star" Bollywood cassette blared endlessly

on our Tape deck which was

My mothers graduation gift.

But Cassette Super Hits at the time also included

“Lets all chant!"

"Pump up the Jam"

"Come on baby. Do the Locomotion"

"I'm bad."

"I gotta have faith"

Electric youth

Real love

Our invisible tape deck has been located,



A Place

On Earth.

in the form of my older vivid musical memories rather than silencing words,

So once in awhile, let’s just pump up the volume and dance

Dance Electric circus style, for the music comes in many colours and survived, just like us

We’re all stardust

Elisha Alladina is a social worker, published poet and expressive artist that lives in Toronto, ON, Canada. She has had poetry published on spillwords.com , Hushed Heartache magazine, and the Poemdemic compilation book. She has presented her poetry at open mic nights through Shab E Sher Poetry Night, Art Bar Poetry Series, and Howl open mic on CIUT 89.5 fm, and likes to write about social issues and themes of empowerment.